Here our some of our most common queries. These should help you make the most of the Cheap footy Scores service.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do credits cost?
Credits cost 18 pence each. Each text message you get sent uses up one credit.The service works with all the UK mobile phone networks including O2, Vodafone, Orange, T-Mobile, Virgin and 3.
How many texts will I receive?
That all depends on what texts you want to receive. The choices are:

  • Goals
  • Sendings Off
  • Half Time Score
  • Full Time Score

So if for example you only chose Halftime and Fulltime scores you would get Two texts each time your team played a game. If you also chose Goals you would get a text each time your team scored and a text each time the team they were playing scored. Similarly for sendings off you’d get a text every time one of your guys gets sent off or one of their guys gets sent off.

How quick is it?
The time form a goal being scored to you receiving a text is about 2-3 mins. Goals tend to be nicely spread out but Halftimes and Fulltimes all happen at pretty much the same time. So at Halftime and Fulltime when our texting server is working its socks off it can take up to 5mins for a text to arrive at your phone.
How long are my credits valid for?
Your credits remain valid until they are used up, they never expire. Any credits you have left at the end of a season will be rolled over into the next season.
Will any charges appear on my mobile phone bill?
No charges will ever appear on you mobile phone bill. The only way we charge is when you buy credits here on this site using your credit card.
I’m going to a match, how do I switch off my texts?
One of the real plus points of CheapFootyScores is being able to control your texts. To switch them off simply:

  • Login to your Control Panel
  • Click the blue Edit button next to your team
  • Un-tick all the boxes
  • Click the Save Settings link
Your texts are now turned off for that team and your Credits will remain unused in your account.
To turn your texts back on simply reverse the process:
  • Login to your Control Panel
  • Click the blue Edit button next to your team
  • Tick the boxes for texts you ’d like to receive
  • Click the Save Settings link
Your texts are now switched back on again.
How will I know if I’m running low on credits?
When you're running low on credits we'll send you an email to let you know. We'll also add a small note to the end of any texts as an additional reminder.
I’m low on credits how do I add more?
Simply login to you account (there's a Login link on the homepage, over on the right) and click on the Add Credits Link. You choose how many credits you want, make a credit card payment and they are added to your account.
I’m off to drink too much and go bright red on a beach somewhere will I still get texts?
If you're travelling outside the UK then you should still get texts. We cover most of the world but obviously if you're backpacking up the Amazon River or if you've signed up to be one of Virgin Galactic's first space tourists then there might be a slight delay in a text message finding you.

One other thing to mention here is that your network provider (Vodafone, Orange etc.) may charge you extra for delivering a text message to you in another country. Most overseas networks don't charge for delivering text messages but it is possible you could be charged extra depending on where you're going and which network you use.
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