Cheap Footy Scores is run by a group of friends who mainly work in the IT Industry.

We all share a love of Football and got annoyed with other texting services we were using charging 25p a time and sending you as many texts as they could get away with like Kickoffs and crummy match analysis texts.

So we wrote Cheap Footy Scores which is cheaper and only sends you the texts you want.

Cheap Footy Scores was written to be the kind of service that we’d like to use. We’re rather proud of the way its turned out and hope you enjoy it too.

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There’s a thin line between Genius and Madness and this guy crossed it years ago. Tim’s the eccentric programmer who runs the texting software. Often found muttering to himself in fluent Klingon he’s the life and soul of any party, delighting fellow guests with long winded quotes from Monty Python films, patiently explaining exactly why Kirk was better than Piccard and lecturing anyone who doesn’t get out of the way quick enough about how ants will one day take over the world. His closest friends described him as “Who?”


Wondering why you’ve never heard of Cheap Footy Scores before? Meet Tony our Marketing Guru. After a disastrous Christmas sales drive last year, where an unfortunate typo left us lumbered with 100 Deluxe Christmas Hamsters this years campaigns have varied between ‘disappointing’, ‘poor’ and ‘completely f****** useless’. If bird flu ever breaks out you can bet Tony will be there with a viral marketing plan involving geese



Web Designer and all round ‘Creative Type’

Alex: “You have to comprehend the vision of the fundamental metaphor which underlines the juxtaposition of light and dark in a non-classical Bauhaus style and counterpoints the fundamental essence of the work!!!”
Rest of us: “You mean the background should be grey?”
Alex: “er, yes”


(Our texting server) - Ok so she’s got a few miles on the clock but we picked her up cheap and she’s cheap to operate, running on recycled chip fat. Originally built in 1953 as the dive computer of a Russian Type 22 submarine she can perform over 300 calculations an hour to a depth of 280 fathoms. Probably the most reliable member of the team just crank the handle, check the grease traps and lubricate her bearings with a dab of lard and she’ll run for days.


Mrs Miggins

If you have a problem with the service and you think it can be solved by a piping hot cup of tea and a chocolate hobnob then Mrs Miggins (our customer services dept.) is who you need. Despite an unfortunate tendency to unplug the server to plug in her vacuum she’s an important member of the team, i.e. the one who takes all the flack.


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